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About Us

Here at Steelers Today, we are Pittsburgh Steelers homers, and proud of it. Our goal is to bring you insightful and sometimes humorous commentary on our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

Unlike some Steelers sites, we will strive to be fair.   Sure, we’re Steelers homers, but when the Steelers play poorly, we’re going to say so.   If a player isn’t playing up to his potential, we’re going to call him on it.  We hope you enjoy our site.


Donald Starver is the primary writer for Steelers Today.   He has been following professional football for over 40 years.  He is both a fan and a student of the game.

Not only does he provide a recap of what happens on the field, but he also attempts to provide insight into the “game within the game”.  He breaks down technical aspects of the game in a way that both seasoned fans and novices will find interesting and educational.

During NFL Draft time, we believe that Donald provides the best, and most detailed analysis of the Steelers’ draft picks that you will find anywhere.  His insight about the Steelers’ draft is second to none.  Donald probably watches more college football than anyone not named Mel Kiper Jr.  Compare his draft knowledge to any other coverage of the Steelers’ draft that you can find, and we think you’ll agree.

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