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My Best Work

This page features my best work. These aren’t necessarily the posts that got the most visits, or the most comments. Instead, these are the posts that I feel best represent what Steelers Today is all about. These post include writing that I am particularly proud of. When I finished writing each of these, I said to myself “That’s good. Damn good”.

For those of you who are visiting Steelers Today for the first time, please take a moment to read these featured posts. I think it will give you a quick view of my writing style, and of the standard that I would like every article that I write to achieve. Enjoy.

Harrison fined for hit on Miller

Some advice for Jeff Reed

The Heart of a Steelers fan -  (this one was submitted by a fan, but is worth remembering)

The Purple Dragon Trilogy

Part 1 - Steelers vs. Ravens:  A Tale of Good vs. Evil

Part 2 - Purple Dragon Slain

Part 3 - Purple Dragon: Resurrection

Other good stuff:

NFL fines Steelers for winning

A tribute to Larry Foote

The 3-4 and the Steelers’ draft (parts 1-5)

My mom picks the Super Bowl winner

It’s Steelers vs. Browns Day

Top 10 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is Better Than Philadelphia

Top 10 Most Hated Cleveland Browns

Snackin’ with “Big Snack”

Deja Vu! Steelers Beat Browns

Goodbye Ernster, hello Berger (again)

Why I hate Bill Belichick

If I were Kevin Colbert (parts 1-6)

Oh Max, where art thou?

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