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Troy Polamalu touchdown called back.

November 17, 2008 By: Admin Category: Players

Anyone who watched the Steelers-Chargers game saw Troy Polamalu make a last second touchdown that would have made the final Score 18-10, and would have allowed the Steelers to cover the spread. Unfortunately, the referees didn’t quite understand the rules (or they were trying to manipulate the spread), because they called the play back. This made the final score 11-10, and prevented the Steelers from covering the spread.

The referees later said that they made a mistake, and that the touchdown should have counted. Here is the play for those of you who missed it.

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3 Comments to “Troy Polamalu touchdown called back.”

  1. Brian Wade says:

    Steeler Nation,
    This video doesn’t tell the entire story of this amazing play. If you Tivo’ed the game, watch where Troy lines up for the play. He’s the deep guy; the deep, DEEP guy. He’s 40 plus yards from the line of scrimmage. After LT catches and laterals the ball, listen for the “sonic boom” from Troy breaking the sound bearier and the subsequent “bullet” streaking across your screen. He eventually slows down for a moment to have tea, his picture taken (I know Rivers puts a hand on him, stupid move, way to get your hand broken) and pick up the football; however, had Chambers not been running 3/4 speed towards the end zone, the first person to touch him would have been Harrison.

    In my thirty plus years of watching football, I can’t recall seeing a player close on the ball(carrier) like he does (yes, that includes Prime Time) AND hit as hard as he does. I hate to say this but the only person that comes close is Ray Lewis. He might hit harder (6-2, 250 vs. 5-10, 207) but I don’t think he has Troy’s speed.


  2. the thing that bothers me is that they reviewed the play the ref came out of the booth and said touchdown, which obviously was a td then the score changes?????
    , is total b.s. and the fix was in. the flag on the pass int for s.d td come on geat real.

  3. Brian,
    Great comment. I laughed while reading it. Very good visual image that you painted.

    Troy definitely hits like a truck. The only thing that I don’t like about him is the way that he sacrifices tackling fundamentals in order to get the big hit. he sometimes launches himself like a missile at his opponent rather than squaring up and wrapping up the opponent with his arms. This often leads to Troy flying out of the picture while the opponent keeps running.

    But overall, I wouldn’t trade Troy for any other safety out there, including Ed Reed or Bob Sanders.


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