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Santonio Holmes got JACKED UP!!!!

November 21, 2008 By: Admin Category: Players

I hate to spotlight a vicious hit on a steelers player. I’d much rather show you a video of Hines Ward knocking out a defensive back or linebacker with a thunderous block. But let’s face it, Santonio Holmes got JACKED UP! Bengals’ safety Chris Crocker put a hit on him that left him with legs like rubber bands. The hit was so hard that I actually felt it through the TV.

Here is one more look at the hit.

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2 Comments to “Santonio Holmes got JACKED UP!!!!”

  1. Brian Wade says:

    I hated to see this happen to Holmes. With the exception of the off-the-field problem a few weeks back, he’s had quite a productive season (39 rec. for 566 yrds & 2 TD).

    When a receiver takes that type of hit on a slant pattern, it usually takes awhile for him to run the same route with the same level of confidence he had before. This isn’t our “bread and butter” play; however, I have seen them run this play numerous times and had good success with it.

    He has ten days to rest before playing the Pats. We’ll see then if he “hears footsteps” before he catches (or drops) the ball.

  2. Brian,
    Amen. I couldn’t have said it better.


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