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Top 10 Reason Why Pittsburgh Is Better Than Philadelphia

September 18, 2008 By: Admin Category: Lists

(Note to Readers - It was brought to our attention that our site was not working properly on Friday, September 19, 2008, and many of you were not able to read this article. We apologize for this problem).

As the Steelers prepare to travel to Purgatory Philadelphia this weekend to play their cross-state rivals the Philadelphia Eagles, I started thinking about how the two teams compared. This got me thinking further about how the two cities compare. Here are my top 10 reasons why Pittsburgh is better than Philadelphia.

#10) No Steelers receiver has ever made a bonehead play like Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson did last week (although Plaxico Burress spiking a live ball after a catch certainly comes close). Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#9) According to the U.S. Government Publication Data I Invented To Support My Argument, Lincoln Financial Field averages 3 violent assaults and 1 shooting at each Philadelphia Eagles game. There has never been an assault or shooting at a Steelers home game. Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#8) During World War II, the Steelers and Eagles merged to form the Steagles. Even then, it was evident that the Steelers came first. Ever wonder why they weren’t called the Eaglers? Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#7) The Pirates have won 5 World Series, while the Phillies have only won 1. Of course, considering the stench emanating from the current Pirates, I’ll call this one a draw. Advantage: Neither.

#6) When Lincoln Financial Field was built, they included a jail inside the stadium to house unruly Eagles fans (No joke. Look it up). Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#5) Our hockey team is better than their hockey team. Both the Penguins and Flyers have won 2 Stanley Cups. However, the Flyers last won a Stanley Cup in 1974, while the Penguins won two in the 90′s, and lost in the most recent Stanley Cup championship series. Advantage: Pittsburgh.

Sid the kid

Sid the kid

#4) According to the database Statistics I Just Made Up, 94% of Philadelphians are unhappy living in Philadelphia, and a full 83% of them want to move to Pittsburgh. Contrarily, 100% of Pittsburghers are happy living here, and would NEVER consider moving to Philadelphia. Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#3) Even Philadelphia’s most famous attraction has a big crack in it. Advantage: Pittsburgh.

Eagles fans broke it.

Eagles fans broke it.

#2) Even Santa chooses Pittsburgh. Everyone remembers when Philadelphia fans booed Santa and pelted him with snowballs. Santa says “Philadelphia is naughty. Pittsburgh is nice”. Advantage: Pittsburgh.

#1) Five is better than zero. Advantage: Pittsburgh!!!

We hate to brag, but.......

We hate to brag, but.......

So there you have it. As you can plainly see, Pittsburgh beats Philadelphia in a landslide. Any questions?

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24 Comments to “Top 10 Reason Why Pittsburgh Is Better Than Philadelphia”

  1. You were doing just great until #7. I am a Steeler fan and a Pirates fan. I know the Pirates are not doing too well in recent years but lay off!!!

  2. Sorry I struck a nerve. Like you, I love the Bucs. However, I had to be honest and admit that that is one area where we don’t have a clear advantage over Philadelphia. That doesn’t mean I don’t still support the Pirates. But you have to admit that they haven’t been good for quite some time.

  3. Mybloodisgreen says:

    All that talk and your team still plays like TRASH.. Congratulations on your pointless article.. E.A.G.L.E.S…. EAGLES!!!

  4. Let me retort to some of these.

    10 - Do you remember Plaxico Burress? He actually spiked a live football TWICE! The funny thing is you miss him so much that Big Ben had to cry for the Steelers to draft a tall WR. Too bad Limas Sweed is a bust.

    9 - Data you invented? LOL Come on dude.

    8 - When the Steagles were split up a good deal of the players who came from the Steelers stayed with the Eagles. They liked Philadelphia better than Pittsburgh, and ended up winning the Eagles first two Championships in 48 and 49.

    7 - I don’t care how many World Series the Pirates won. Over the last 15 years they have been the worst team in baseball. In fact they are nothing more than a glorified farm system for the rest of the league.

    6 - That is not true. Veterans stadium had a jail built in the basement, just to expedite the cases of drunken fans who got arrested. On the surface that looked bad, but in reality there are just as many incidents that happen in every NFL stadium.

    5 - The Penguins are good, but they got smoked in the finals. That series was embarrassing.

    4 - While Philadelphia has it’s rough spots, it also has so many great places, and great things to do. Pittsburgh is nothing but one big dump, and nobody actually wants to live there. People are born there against their will, and try their best to one day make an escape from that terrible city.

    3 - I agree the liberty bell is stupid, but that is far from the number 1 attraction. So much history here, and so many great things to see.

    2 - Mentioning Santa is lame. That was almost 50 years ago!

    1 - Five is better than three. The Eagles have won 3 Championships. If you are going to throw numbers out there, please make sure they are accurate.


    A - You forgot to mention how Iron City beer is awful.

    B - Terrible Towel is gay

    C - Not having four pro sports teams = not a true sports town

    D - Ben Worthlessburger just got sacked in the parking lot!

  5. Ian,
    Welcome to my site. Glad to have you. Stop by anytime.

    I hope you know that my article was written in jest. Philadelphia is a nice city, and I have spent quite a bit of time there (used to date someone there).

    As far as your points go, I mentioned that Plaxico’s play was almost as stupid as DeSean Jackson’s.

    In regards to the Pirates, I agree. They suck.

    Pittsburgh has been voted the “Most Livable City In America” multiple times. Philadelphia has never come close, and never will. If you are honest, you will admit that, just like I admit that the Pirates stink.

    The Santa thing isn’t lame. I remember it like it was yesterday (I guess that tells you something about my age). Besides, it speaks volumes about Philadelphia. Frankly, I think it’s something that you guys can take great pride in. Philadelphia fans (along with Oakland fans) are probably the toughest in America. Those are the only two stadiums in America that I wouldn’t venture into wearing the opposing team’s gear. The Steelers haven’t won there in 43 years. Philly is a tough town to play in.

    The Eagles have never won a Superbowl. Nothing else counts. Are you going to start counting USFL, Arena League, and XFL championships too? C’mon now. Steelers have 5 trophies. Eagles have none. The truth hurts.

  6. Mybloodisgreen,
    Congratulations. You guys spanked us. Nothing more I can say about that.

  7. Nice site and blog. Too bad that for the most part, it’s only fantasy. Superbowl victories that date back some 40 years ago is not all that relavant in your argument…Pittsburgh after all is still “the Pitts”. Hope my team didn’t hurt Big Ben all that much…no worries Westbrook will be just fine (in case you wondered). Philly rocks!

  8. 9 Sacks
    1 Safety
    1 Interception
    2 Forced Fumbles
    “Big Ben” Out Injured… thats gotta hurt…

  9. You Eagles fans are certainly enjoying this. But hey, your team kicked the Steelers’ butts. What can we say.

    But 5 is still better than 0. Hahaha! ;-)

  10. As a native Philadelphian and life-long Iggles fan, I have to say that I still like Pittsburgh for what it is. Pittsburgh is very different from Philadelphia, and anyone who judges the one city by the standards of the other will be disappointed.

    Philly is a large east coast city, with a hard-edged, prove-it mentality. We can be very hard on our teams (and Santas), unless they hustle and play well. There is zero tolerance for BS or for lack of effort in Philly. Pittsburgh is a smaller, homier, more insular city with a mid-western feel. Pittsburgh fans have a big heart for the city and its sports teams, and a blind eye for their failings. They are huge homers, quick to blame all except the ‘Burgh or the black-and-gold. That is why Myron Cope (who would not have lasted an hour on air in Philly) was revered by Pittsburghers for decades.

    Now I live out of state, but I could see living and enjoying both towns, though it appears that the Philadelphia area has a stronger economy these days than that of western PA. They are different cities, but each has its strong points and is enjoyable it its own ways.

    One other point - the Eagles did win 3 NFL championships - in ’48, ’49, and ’60. These were before the Super Bowl era, but they still count as NFL championships. The Steelers won nothing before the ’70s. So we don’t need to talk about the USFL (1 championship- would have been 2 except the Stars moved to Baltimore the last year) or the Arena League (1 championship ) to get to the stated 5 to 3 NFL championships margin.

    Of course, if you DO count the USFL and the Arena League, the two cities are tied with 5 professional football championships each. (Not saying these are equivalents to the NFL, but there’s more than one way to slice the apple here.)

    Good luck to the Stillers the rest of the year. I hope Parker and Ben get back to speed soon.

  11. Iggs4evr,
    Now that was a very intelligent response. You are definitely welcome to stop by here any time.

    I completely agree with your assessment of the two towns. They are completely different. As you said, even though Pittsburgh is located in a northeastern state (Pennsylvania), it still has more of a midwestern feel to it. Moreover, it has very midwestern values. Philly is a fast paced northeaster city.

    I was really joking in my comparison of the two. In reality, I like both cities. I just like them for different reasons.

  12. greenismean says:

    9 reasons why Philadelphia is a better team:


  13. Good one, Greenismean. I have to admit it, that was funny.

    It hurts that Ben got sacked 9 times, but you guys beat us fair and square. As your prize, we will loan you one of our Superbowl trophies until 2096, when Philadelphia finally wins one of their own. :-)

  14. aug 2008- steelers win 16-10
    2007-steelers win 27-13
    2006- steelers win 16-7
    2005- steelers win38-31
    2004- steelers win 27-21 and
    steelers win 21-3

    some are regular season games so i think in 5 years the eagles were bound to win at least one game preseason or not so its ok especially when they have one for the thumb! hopefully we have a good superbowl matchup this year!! it will be incredible!!

  15. Baseball World Series- Philadelphia A’s have won 5 World Series. Phillies 2. NBA Champions- Warriors 2 Sixers 2.Hockey- Flyers 2 cups. Football Eagles 3 time NFL Champions. Pittsburgh Steelers 6 SB. Pirates 5 World Series. Hockey Penquins 3 cups.Philadelphia has 16 Championships Pittsburgh 14 Championships. Philly wins. Sorry Pittsburgh you lose again.

  16. @ tbone - 7 of those titles can be removed because two those teams aren’t currently with the city. So it’s 14-9 and you could take away two more since Pittsburgh doesn’t have a basketball team so it’s 14-7 or Pittsburgh is winning with a Philadelphia advantage. I’d say Pittsburgh is more of a title town than Philadelphia. Just my two cents.

    On a side note let’s see if this gets brought back up the next time the Steelers and the Eagles face off. And not just a pre-season game either.

  17. Hold on Benny, how can you take 5 World Series and 2 NBA Championships away from Philly. The Philadelphia A’s won 5 world series as the PHILADELPHIA A’s,and the Warriors won 2 NBA Championships as The Philadelphia Warriors, they count dumb ass. As far as Pittsburgh not having a basketball team that’s not my problem. Do you think Pittsburgh can support a basketball team? Probably not. I guess that’s not possible in Pittsburgh, you clowns can’t even support your own baseball team. Philadelphia supports all 4 teams through good and bad, but not Pittsburgh. Sorry dude Philly wins no matter how you look at it. Philadelphia 16 Pittsburgh 14. Always remember that. Also, remember their was pro football before the Super Bowl.Packers have the most NFL championships with 9,they lead in football.Not the stinking steelers. Pittsburgh is a joke of a city, right smack in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but sitting around drinking iron city and watching reruns of The Deer Hunter all day.

  18. Benny you can keep your two cents. Of course the 5 World Series that the A’s won count and of course the 2 NBA Championships that the Warriors won count also. That’s like saying that the Baltimore Colts Super Bowl win and their how many NFL Championships they won don’t count for the City of Baltimore. Of course they do. I think you should rethink this over. As far as Pittsburgh not having a Basketball team that’s not my problem. I guess Pittsburgh can’t support a basketball team. Pittsburgh has a hard enough time supporting a baseball team. Philadelphia is a true Sports Town all around. I Love Philly Sports. What a great town!!!

  19. Pittsburgh is in the middle of nowhere, what a dump of a city. Keep drinking your iron city and watching reruns of The Deer Hunter. What a waste of taxpayers money supporting that hole in the wall city. Pittsburgh= Armpit of America.

  20. Pittsburgh is a shithole of a city. Right smack in the middle of nowhere. Philly has the Jersey Shore, beautiful beaches, better food, more history more sports better sports and enormous amount of culture. Pittsburgh just sits there with nothing around it but a bunch of toothless hicks. Pittsburgh is a waste of a city. That’s why shitsburgh people have to move to philly to get a job.

  21. HA HA HA HA Crosby got beat by the 8 seed. What a loser!!!!!!!

  22. Philadelphia is without question America’s City!!!!

  23. I’ve lived in Philly/suburbs all my life and I hate it here. City of Brotherly Love, my ass!

  24. Haha, #7 is good. Pirates blow ass


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