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Steelers select Evander Hood

April 25, 2009 By: Admin Category: Draft/Free Agency

April 25, 2009

With the 32nd pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Evander Hood, DT, Missouri.

Hood is a 6’3″ 300 lb. defensive tackle.  Despite his large size, Hood is quite athletic.  He plays with a constant motor and never gives up on a play.  Hood displays a variety of pass rush moves.

Evander "Ziggy" Hood

Evander "Ziggy" Hood

Hood doesn’t jump out at you on film, but he is a solid player who doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses.  He had a very good showing at the Senior Bowl, which may have elevated his status.

Hood is too small to play NT, so the Steelers probably project him as a DE.  While he is a tad short, I had him as the 4th rated 3-4 DE in the draft.  I felt that Tyson Jackson, Fili Moala, Robert Ayers, Ziggy Hood, Sen’Derrick Marks, and then Jarron Gilbert were the top six 3-4 defensive ends in this draft.

Hood was a 4-year player at Missouri.  He got progressively better throughout his career.   As a senior, he had 62 tackles.  Eight of those tackles were for a loss.  He also had 5 sacks during his senior year.

This is a good pick for the Steelers.  Yet, they still have more needs on the defensive line.  All of their starters are over 30 years old.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up either Fili Moala or Jarron Gilbert in the 2nd round (if either is still available at pick #64).

Of course, the Steelers have other needs as well.  I would guess that defensive back will be a consideration at #64 as well.  The Steelers must come out of this draft with a safety.  Their need for a CB is still there, though it is less pressing since they signed Keiwan Ratliff yesterday.

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9 Comments to “Steelers select Evander Hood”

  1. But Max is still available. You can’t forget Max!

    Actually, with Mack off the board, I like the pick. I would have also been happy if they had traded down a few spot to allow them to move up from 64. Given the players still on the board, I have to believe they had Hood valued pretty high - and I have learned to trust Colbert (at least as far as 1st round picks).

    We’ll have to see who falls to them at 64. I don’t expect them to move up as they would need to give up too much. They may try to move up in the third or fourth, however, since 9 rookies have no chance to make the team. In case anyone is curious here is the draft value chart made famous by Jimmy Johnson:

    Seattle just took Max! NOOOOOOO!!!

  2. John,
    Yeah, I was pretty pissed when Mack got taken by Cleveland. They did that to spite the Steelers. I hate them!!!

    I’m rather happy that they didn’t get Unger. I never liked him.

    It will be interesting to see who they take tomorrow (since they traded their second pick).

  3. I was just joking about Max. I do like him but I remember that you weren’t too high on him.

    Yes, I’m quite happy with the trade. With Beatty, Moala, and S.Smith gone in the last few picks of the second round - trading it for mid 3rd and 4th round picks made a lot of sense. This gives them the ammunation to move around and take a number of quality players in the middle rounds.

  4. Im surprised that they traded the 2nd pick. Not un happy, just surprised. I like the Hood selection! He will play this season, Im sure. Also, signing Ward to the extension must mean that they will work on Miller next and then cut Foote soon, right? Does anyone think the extension for Ward is the reason they traded the 2nd round pick? I mean, so not to have to sign a 2nd rounder?

  5. Hopefully they wont cut Foote. I would hold on to Foote a little while longer making Timmons and Foote the starting middle LB’s in 2010. By that time Farrior will be 35.

  6. In all likelihood, they will keep Foote this year for quality depth. They could possibly trade him if they think one of their special teams LB’s is good enough (Possibly Fox). After 2009, however, Foote becomes a FA and they will not resign him barring a career ending injury to Farrior or Timmons. They just resigned Farrior to an extension last year so, barring injury, Farrior and Timmons will be the starters in 2010. Yes Farrior will be 35 but, if anything, he has actually been improving with age.

  7. John #21 says:

    If you covered this – sorry …does anyone else like Moala better than Hood as an end in the 3-4? Drafting Moala, then Jarron Gilbert at 64 would have been a huge boost to the future of the D. Packaging picks and moving up for Urbik would have still been achievable. We would have missed out on our 3rd and 4th rnd picks…but which is better for the team long term??

  8. I’m pretty sure Don (admin) liked Moala better. Most draft analysis had them rated pretty close to each other. I don’t think the Steelers, however, were that high on Gilbert. He was there at 64 and they decided to pass on him.

  9. John #21,
    Sorry to take so long getting back to you, but after that draft day marathon, I needed to take a break, so I took a few days off.

    I liked Moala better than Hood coming into the draft. Moala is a little bigger, and he has already done what is required of a 3-4 DE. Hood, on the other hand is used to making plays. There is nothing wrong with that, but he will have to adjust to primarily taking up blockers while the LB’s make most of the plays.

    But don’t get me wrong, there were several guys that I would have been happy with. I listed them before the draft. Hood was one of them, so I have no problem with this pick.


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