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Steelers vs. Titans haiku contest

September 15, 2009 By: Admin Category: Post-Game Reports

After each game of the 2008 season, Steelers Today ran a haiku contest.  The idea was to see who could best capture the events of the game in the form of a haiku.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with haiku, it is a form of Japanese poetry. A proper haiku is a 3 line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line. Remember, that’s “syllables”, not “words”.

I hadn’t planned to bring back the weekly haiku contests this season.  The reason is that one of our readers named Patrick absolutely owned the competition.  He won every single week except for one.  And the only reason that he didn’t win that week was because I awarded a victory to someone else in order to keep Patrick from getting a clean sweep for the season.

Despite my desire to keep my readers from being bludgeoned by Patrick this season, the haiku black belt has other ideas.  Patrick has thrown down the gauntlet by submitting 4 very good haiku entries, and challenging anyone to do better.  Here are Patrick’s entries.

Haiku #1
Defense ruled the day
But when they need a clutch drive
Nobody beats Ben.

Haiku #2
Santonio Holmes
Exactly matching his stats
From the Super Bowl.

Haiku #3
Ward’s shocking fumble
Brought back the Bettis miscue
Both games victories.

Haiku #4
Run game down, Troy out
Who will come to the rescue?
Ben Roethlisberger.

Wow, that’s some mighty fine haiku.  All 4 are world class efforts.  But since I’m the judge, I think that #4 is the strongest of his 4 entries, so that is the one to beat.  (For the record, I love the reference to the Bettis fumble in #3.  Good work, Patrick).

Can anyone defeat this haiku samurai?  Give it a shot.  Capture the Steelers’ win against the Titans in a haiku and knock Patrick off of his throne.

The winner will be announced later in the week. Good luck.

Other Steelers news:

The Steelers announced today that tight end Dezmond Sherrod has been cut from the Steelers’ practice squad and replaced by tight end Kevin Brock.  Brock is  6’5″, 255 lbs.  He was originally signed by the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent out of  Rutgers.  The Panthers released Brock in August, and he was signed by the New York Jets.  However, the Jets released Brock as they attempted reduce their roster to 53 players.


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17 Comments to “Steelers vs. Titans haiku contest”

  1. The offensive line
    Confused, stumbling, missing blocks
    Won’t keep Ben healthy.

  2. Francis Kim says:

    Santonio Holmes
    Lights it up in the season
    smokes pot after it

  3. If Willie can’t stick it between the tackles for good, positive yards, call Issac Redman up from the practice squad, and give him the reps. This man has some serious skills…IMHO

  4. Black and Gold Unite
    Creating fan heart attacks
    Guessing ’til the end

  5. Steelers are in the windy city Sunday afternoon, and will teach Lovie Smith and company the “Bear” facts. Steelers by 10.

  6. Thirty-six rush yards
    These ain’t your daddy’s Steelers
    Throw to win, Big Ben!

  7. @Jude - That’s strong. Very strong!!
    @Kim - Heeheeeheee. Santonio is never going to live that down.
    @Jag - Very nice work. And the team did almost give me a heart attack on Thursday.
    @ken - Wow!!! That was a powerful attack. You are clearly a haiku ninja. Excellent work!!

    I get the feeling that Patrick is going down this week.

  8. I soiled myself
    In section five thirty one
    Holy crap! We won!

  9. Troy out of the game
    Steelers prevail in the end
    Awesome job Big Ben

  10. I didn’t know I was competing. Ha.

    I like Ken’s. Give that man a cigar.

  11. Okay, I have lots of entries from my Facebook page that I need to move over here. There were lots of them that had syllable errors, so I’m not going to transfer those over here. But here are some of the others.

    Fall means Steelers play
    Troy is down and out for now
    Titans lose by three
    -By Cheri

    Black and Gold are back
    Hey, beware towel stompers
    Steel fans - don’t forget
    -By Alejandro

    Offensive line stayed
    The entire games on the line
    Lifts Ben’s resolve ,WIN
    -By John Carter

    run blocking still sucks
    ben still takes to many sacks
    black and gold still win
    -By William

  12. Here are a few more from Facebook:

    Even with Troy out
    Nobody beats the Steelers
    Stomped the Towel stompers
    -By Amanda

    Steeler Bear wants Troy
    to get better very soon;
    Steelers win Sunday.
    -By Steeler Bear

    The Steelers verses
    Terrible towel stompers
    They deserve to lose
    -By Jennifer

    Troy out of the game
    Steelers prevail in the end
    Awesome job Big Ben
    -By Toby

    No Polamalu
    And no 1st start for Timmons
    The titans still lose
    -By Alejandro

    Polamalu Hurt
    Two Tennesee Missed Field Goals
    Big Ben Found a Way
    -By Royalle

  13. Pat O'Boyle says:

    Damn Titans Week One
    Nobody steps on the Towel
    You can’t take it back

  14. Was opening day
    Hopes of a repeat season
    Reed kick game winner

  15. Leonard Riddle Jr says:

    Ben at the finish
    Said get my hat and spinach
    I am what I am

  16. OMG, Leonard!!!!! That is good!!!!!! I love it!!!

    You came at it from a totally different direction than everyone else, but it works.

    I plan to announce the winner on Friday or Saturday. You are DEFINITELY in the running.

  17. Leonard Riddle Jr says:

    Well if that’s the case, let me make it presentable.

    Ben, at the finish,
    said, “Get my hat and spinach;
    I am what I am.”

    Super Bowl, season opener with the toughest opponent from last year’s schedule, what’s the difference? For Ben, different stage, but same result. I just hope he finds Olive Oil before some other flake in Vegas tries to drag his name through the mud.


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