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Tomlin responds to Hines Ward’s comments

November 30, 2009 By: Admin Category: Players, Post-Game Reports

Losing can have unexpected effects on a team. Like causing frustrated players to make stupid comments. That’s exactly what Hines Ward did.

Ward, one of the Steelers veteran leaders, made comments in an interview with Bob Costas that I’m sure he’d like to take back.

Ward implied that Big Ben should have played in a game that was as important as the Steelers’ game against the Baltimore Ravens was.  Ward’s frustration seemed to be due to the fact that the team thought that Big Ben was going to play, and weren’t informed until Saturday that he wasn’t.

The video below shows coach Tomlin’s response to Hines Ward’s comments.

From what I can tell, both Hines Ward and Coach Tomlin were at fault in this incident.

Tomlin should have explained to the team exactly why he wasn’t playing Big Ben. Whenever there is a lack of information, people tend to use their imaginations to fill in the vacuum.

Hines Ward was equally culpable. Since, by his own admission, he didn’t have adequate information, he should have kept his mouth shut. Instead, he put his foot in it.


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4 Comments to “Tomlin responds to Hines Ward’s comments”

  1. I think Ward was not in the wrong to say something about Ben not playing in the Raven’s game. That game was probably one of the biggest games in their entire season and sitting out due to “activity induced headaches” is stupid. You’re in the NFL, don’t be such a baby!

  2. LaDawn,
    The medical community has learned a lot about concussion in recent years. They are not something to be taken lightly. Troy Aikman and Steve Young were both forced out of the league due concussions. Many former players still suffer medical problems due to injuries incurred while playing.

    This is not something to be taken lightly. Ben’s long-term health is much more important than a single game. This is serious stuff.

  3. Tom in Charlotte, NC says:

    I agree with the article, both parties are at fault. I don’t think it really made a difference in who was a QB because Dixon played very well. The defense let us down.

  4. I think Coach Tomlin kind of dropped the ball here. A lack of communication combined with the frustration of losing can be explosive in a locker room. I do not think Hines meant anything bad. This team is too close to implode.


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