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Steelers vs. Bengals haiku contest

November 09, 2010 By: Admin Category: Haiku contests

The Steelers won a hard-fought battle last night on Monday Night Football.  Now it’s time for fans to capture the key elements of the game in a haiku.

The contest rules are simple. You must summarize the Steelers-Bengals game in a haiku. A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that contains only 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. Typically, haiku do not rhyme.

Please note, the emphasis is on syllables, not words. Remember 5/7/5.

I start the competition by offering a haiku of my own. Then you readers write a haiku of your own to try to beat mine. On Thursday I will announce this week’s contest winner. But remember, your haiku has to be better than mine.  If none of your entries are better than mine, then I take home the prize.

Here is my entry:

Bengals fear Steelers
But T.O. didn’t know that
Guess he knows it now

The winner of this week’s contest is going to win a copy of the book “The Ones Who Hit the Hardest” by Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne.  It’s a great book that belongs on the bookshelf of any Steelers fan.

This week’s prize

Okay readers, your turn.  Lets see who can come up with the best haiku about the Steelers-Bengals game.

Are you ready for some haiku?!!

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7 Comments to “Steelers vs. Bengals haiku contest”

  1. Early bungles nice
    Fourth quarter heart rate faster
    We dey once again

  2. Frank J. Williams III says:

    Bengals had T. O.
    but could not match our big D
    Season over Marv

  3. Steelers crush Bengals
    Oh wait, game is not over
    squeaky win again

  4. Like Steeler days past
    Defense gets tough when it counts
    TO Ocho Ciao

  5. Three fiftynine left
    The pain in my chest came back
    Not two years running

  6. We WIN once again
    But Steelers dropping like flies
    This doesn’t look good

  7. Jeff Reed flubs again
    Tomlin trades him to Bengals
    Only in my dreams


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