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Bloggers’ mock draft

March 06, 2009 By: Admin Category: Draft/Free Agency

Steelers Today has hooked up with 31 other NFL bloggers from around the country to do a bloggers’ mock draft.  All 32 NFL teams are represented in the mock draft.

The mock draft will go in the exact order of the real draft.  Each blog will select for their respective city.  Steelers Today will have the 32nd pick in the mock draft, just like the Steelers will in the real draft.

The bloggers’ draft is only scheduled for two rounds.  We will not be going a full 7 rounds like the real NFL draft.  The draft order and the drafting blogs are as follows:

2009 Mock Draft — First round
1. Lions:
2. Rams:
3. Chiefs:
4. Seahawks:
5. Browns:
6. Bengals:
7. Raiders:
8. Jaguars:
9. Packers:
10. 49ers:
11. Bills:
12. Broncos:
13. Redskins:
14. Saints:
15. Texans:
16. Chargers:
17. Jets:
18. Bears:
19. Buccaneers:
20. Lions (from Dallas):
21. Eagles:
22. Vikings:
23. Patriots:
24. Falcons:
25. Dolphins:
26. Ravens:
27. Colts:
28. Eagles (from Carolina):
29. Giants:
30. Titans:
31. Cardinals:
32. Steelers:

Round Two
33. Lions
34. Chiefs
35. Rams
36. Browns
37. Seahawks
38. Bengals
39. Jaguars
40. Raiders
41. Packers
42. Bills
43. 49ers
44. Dolphins (from Washington)
45. Giants (from New Orleans)
46. Texans
47. Patriots (from San Diego)
48. Broncos
49. Bears
50. Buccaneers
51. Cowboys:
52. Eagles
53. Jets
54. Vikings
55. Falcons
56. Dolphins
57. Ravens
58. Patriots
59. Panthers:
60. Giants
61. Colts
62. Titans
63. Cardinals
64. Steelers

The draft kicks off today at 12:00 noon.  The Detroit Lions blog, “The Wayne Fontes Experience“, is on the clock.

Unlike the real draft, each blogger will have up to 24 hours to make their selection.  So if each blogger takes their full time allotment, I won’t be selecting until after an NCAA basketball champion has already been crowned.

In the interim, I will be posting several articles about the upcoming draft.  I will first outline the Steelers’ needs, and then I will do profiles of some of the players that I have my eyes on.

I encourage readers to write in and let me know your thoughts on the Steelers’ needs.  Also, if you have a suggestion on who I should target in rounds 1 & 2, please let me know.  I’ll tell you in advance that I tend to be a “best player available” guy.  I won’t waste my 1st round pick on the 8th best offensive tackle just because the Steelers can use a tackle.  I’d rather get the BEST center in the draft, or the 2nd best safety.  But that’s just me.

If you want to follow the draft in its entirety, it is being hosted by Cleveland Browns blog, No Logo Needed.  I will also be doing updates on each team’s picks here on Steelers Today.

Click below to see:
Pick #1: Detroit Lions

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