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Steelers get Byron Leftwich

April 20, 2010 By: Admin Category: Draft/Free Agency, Players

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem determined to get the old band back together again.  First they signed former Steelers Larry Foote and Antwaan Randle El.  Today, it was announced that the team has traded one of their 7th round picks in this year’s NFL Draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for former Steelers backup quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Leftwich was once the proven starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars before losing his starting job to David Garrard.  Since that time, Leftwich has longed to be a starter again.  His pursuit of that dream has taken him to the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, since leaving the Jaguars.

Now, in a surprise move, the Steelers have traded for Leftwich.  Yet another former Steeler rejoins the team.

Byron Leftwich

Leftwich was a very capable backup, and his presence will now open up a true competition for the backup quarterback role.  It is unclear which of the Steelers’ backup quarterbacks, Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch, or Byron Leftwich, will occupy the #2 and #3 positions.  Moreover, it gives even more options to serve as a possible temporary replacement for Ben Roethlisberger should he be suspended for a few games, as has widely been speculated.

Welcome back, Byron.  You always looked good in black and gold.


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3 Comments to “Steelers get Byron Leftwich”

  1. I’m ok with this trade. But suggesting Ben stays on board after his probable suspension who do you cut? Batch? I guess it depends on if Leftwich has conceded that he’s a back up in this league. If he’s content to be Ben’s backup I’d like to keep him. If he still wants to pursue a starting position with a team we may be able to get a 5th round pick mid season from a team in dire straits for a QB.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Chuck. I love having Byron on the team. However, he has to accept that he is a backup. If he does, then this is a great move. In my opinion, Byron immediately jumps to the top of the backup list. And Dennis is safe because of his youth. So Charlie looks like the odd man out.

  3. I like this trade. We have another number 7 pick, so this was a throw away. I would hope that Byron understands his role when he gets here. But I think Dixon is the # 2, not Leftwich. I think Dixon gives us a better chance to win. He is more athletic. I guess training camp will help decide that. Yes, I guess CB will be the odd man out.


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