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Steelers position-by-position review: Centers

February 13, 2012 By: Admin Category: Uncategorized

This is the third installment in our series reviewing the Steelers’ 2011 performance on a position-by-position basis.

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Today we review the center position.

Center is a very easy position to review for the Steelers.  That’s because of……..

Maurkice Pouncey

The Steelers’ starting center is Maurkice Pouncey.  Pouncey was selected All-Pro at his position.  That means that he is seen as the best center in the NFL.  Need we say more?

Last year, Pouncey was 2nd team All-Pro.  Nick Mangold of the New York Jets was 1st team All-Pro.  But Pouncey surpassed Mangold this year, and was voted 1st team.  What an honor!

Maurkice Pouncey

The one complaint that I do have about Pouncey is that he sustains more injuries than I’d like.  This is particularly troubling due to his young age.  I expect older players to struggle with injuries, not young players.

We all remember Pouncey sitting out the Super Bowl because of an ankle injury.  He also missed several games this season due to injuries.

Perhaps I’m spoiled.  But I remember watching Mike Webster and Dermontti Dawson man the center position for years.  They seldom missed a game.  I hope to see Pouncey create a similar “ironman” legacy.

Doug Legursky

Legursky is Pouncey’s backup at center.  Legursky will never be All-Pro, nor will he likely ever play in the Pro Bowl.  But Legursky is a pretty good option as a back-up center.  He’s gritty, hard working, and gives it his all.

And unlike Maurkice Pouncey, Doug Legursky has started at center in the Super Bowl.  ;-)

Trai Essex

It’s getting redundant talking about Trai Essex at every position.  I guess that’s what happens when you have “position flexibility”.

Essex rarely plays center.  When he has to, it means that injuries have hit the Steelers’ offensive line pretty badly.  That happened this year, and Essex was forced to play center.

He did an acceptable job, but we don’t want Trai playing center on a long-term basis.


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2 Comments to “Steelers position-by-position review: Centers”

  1. Love Pouncey! However, he needs to stay healthy. He is being put in the same category (a little too early) with Webster & Dawson-both of those all-time greats played 10 years each w/out missing a game! We need #53 on the field.
    Legursky- love him - he is the Offense’s answer to Chris Hoke!

  2. Pouncey is great, but scares me. In the most important game of the last two seasons, he’s been out and we lost.

    Is he Dawson, or Bell? Maybe this season will tell.

    Legursky is wonderful as a backup. I don’t think he’s starter at either position, but one of those guy whose depth carries a team (I agree with john21 - Chris Hoke-like).

    And in a pinch Essex did nicely stepping in. I hope we don’t need him next year, because we have a better set of OGs and a Center that starts all year.


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