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Steelers draft Antonio Brown in 6th round

April 24, 2010 By: Admin Category: Draft/Free Agency

With the 26th pick in the sixth round (#195 overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Antonio Brown , WR from Central Michigan.

Though he played at a smaller school, Brown was extremely productive in college.  He averaged 100 catches per season in his 3 years at Central Michigan.  That’s impressive, regardless of what school you went to.

Like the Steelers’ earlier pick Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown is a smallish receiver who excelled in the slot, and who can contribute as both a punt and kick returner

WR Antonio Brown

He was considered to be a bit of a “diva” wide receiver, and that probably scared some teams away.  But he will quickly learn that he is not a star at the next level, and the attitude should go away.

He will need to get bigger.  He is also going to have to learn to block better if he wants to play for the Steelers.  But despite those shortcomings, nobody can deny that this kid makes plays.

Brown brings basically the same skills as Emmanuel Sanders, only he is not as quick.  Because of that, he probably won’t make the team.  However, because of his productivity in college, he was a good player to take a risk on with a 6th round pick.

To read about the Steelers’ other picks, click the name below:

Maurkice Pouncey - C, Florida

Jason Worilds - DE, VA Tech

Emmanuel Sanders - WR, SMU

Thaddeus Gibson - DE, Ohio State

Chris Scott - OT, Tennessee

Crezdon Butler - CB, Clemson

Stevenson Sylvester - LB, Utah

Jonathan Dwyer - RB, Georgia Tech

Antonio Brown - WR, Central Michigan

Doug Worthington - DT, Ohio State


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5 Comments to “Steelers draft Antonio Brown in 6th round”

  1. John #21 says:

    Having had a little time to analyze the draft and re-read your comments, I largely agree with your analyses. Pouncey, Gibson & Dwyer are strong picks-top value. The prospects we passed on are stunning: Choose one of the following in each round: Rnd 2 (compare to Worilds)-Chas Brown OT; Mt Cody DT; Golden Tate WR, B Spikes LB & Myron Lewis CB. Round 3(compare to Sanders)-B. Ghee CB; E Griffen DE; M Williams WR; B Campbell OT. Round 5 (comapre to Scott, Butler & Stevenson) N Bynham TE; C Thomas NT; M Petrus OG; A Jones DT; E Olson C/G & Skelton QB. What I don’t get is if we take Worilds, why take Gibson? If we take Sanders,why take Brown? I know BAA! If McFadden has a good year, he may well have saved this draft other than our 3 top value picks. I remain puzzled on our ‘draft strategy’(?)

  2. Don’t even try to understand the Steelers’ draft strategy. You’ll just give yourself an aneurysm. ;-)

    I think this may turn out to be like most Steelers drafts; a few winners, and too many busts.

    I hate to admit it, but I really like what the Ravens did in the draft this year.

  3. You are right. The Ravens did an outstanding job. Much more active, focused and creative than us. Again the Colbert-Tomlin team struggle in Rnds 2-7.

  4. I really liked the Steelers’ late round picks. The Steelers reached in rounds 2 and 3, oddly reaching for a non-need position in the 3rd. But here they take a flier on an athlete in a round where you’re supposed to take a flier on an athlete.
    Picking up Brown here does really illustrate how foolish it was to spend the 3rd pick on a guy who is virtually identical to someone they could pick up in the 5th, but that’s not a knock on this pick.

  5. Well, Sanders and Brown are proving to be very productive thus far in their first season, esp. Sanders. Steelers aren’t perfect at drafting but they are pretty damn good. Next year, Steelers will likely draft at least 2-3 OTs and at least 1-2 CBs. Perhaps grab Pouncey’s bro? Go Steelers


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