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Steelers are on deck

April 23, 2009 By: Admin Category: Draft/Free Agency

April 23, 2009
By Donald Starver

The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock, and the Steelers are on deck in the 2009 bloggers mock draft.  To recap, the picks to date have gone as follows.

Round 1

1. Detroit Lions: Mathew Stafford, QB (Georgia)
2. St. Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe, OT (Virginia)
3. Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry, LB (Wake Forest)
4. Seattle Seahawks: Michael Crabtree, WR (Texas Tech)
5. Cleveland Browns: Rey Maualuga, LB (Southern California)
6. Cincinnati Bengals: Jason Smith, OT (Baylor)
7. Oakland Raiders: Jeremy Maclin, WR (Missouri)
8. Jacksonville Jaguars: B.J. Raji, DT (Boston College)
9. Green Bay Packers, Brian Orakpo, DE (Texas)
10. San Francisco 49ers, Everette Brown, OLB (Florida State)
11. Buffalo Bills, Clay Matthews, OLB (Southern California)
12. Denver Broncos, Malcolm Jenkins, CB (Ohio State)
13. Washington Redskins, Andre Smith, OT (Alabama)
14. New Orleans Saints, Brian Cushing, OLB (Southern California)
15. Houston Texans, Michael Oher, OT (Ole Miss)
16. San Diego Chargers, Eben Britton, OT (Arizona)
17. New York Jets, Tyson Jackson, DE (LSU)
18. Chicago Bears, Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR (Maryland)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Percy Harvin, WR  (Florida)
20. Detroit Lions, Aaron Maybin, DE (Penn State)
21. Philadelphia Eagles, Vontae Davis, CB (Illinois)
22. Minnesota Vikings, Mark Sanchez, QB (Southern California)
23. New England Patriots, Knowshon Moreno, RB (Georgia)
24. Atlanta Falcons, Clint Sintim, LB (Virginia)
25. Miami Dolphins, Larry English, LB (Northern Illinois)
26. Baltimore Ravens, Kenny Britt, WR (Rutgers)
27. Indianapolis Colts, Peria Jerry, DT (Mississippi State)
28. Philadelphia Eagles, Alex Mack, C (California)
29. New York Giants, Hakeem Nicks, WR (North Carolina)
30. Tennessee Titans, D. J. Moore, CB (Vanderbilt)
31. Arizona Cardinals, Chris Wells, RB (Ohio State)
32. Pittsburgh Steelers, Fili Moala, DT (USC)

Round 2

33. Detroit Lions, James Laurinaitis, LB (OSU)
34. New England Patriots (from Kansas City) Connor Barwin, LB (Cincinnati)
35. St. Louis Rams, Brian Robiske, WR (OSU)
36. Cleveland Browns, William Moore, S (Missouri)
37. Seattle Seahawks, Robert Ayers, DL (Tennessee)
38. Cincinnati Bengals, Brandon Pettigrew, TE (Oklahoma State)
39. Jacksonville Jaguars, Ron Brace, DT (Boston College)
40. Oakland Raiders, Michael Johnson, DE (Georgia Tech)
41. Green Bay Packers, William Beatty, OT (Connecticut)
42. Buffalo Bills, Max Unger, G/C (Oregon)
43. San Francisco 49ers, Josh Freeman, QB (Kansas State)
44. Miami Dolphins (from Washington), Darius Butler, CB (UConn)
45. New York Giants (from New Orleans), Marcus Freeman, OLB (Ohio State)
46. Houston Texans, Tyrone McKenzie, OLB (South Florida)
47. New England Patriots (from San Diego), Evander Hood, DT (Missouri)
48. Denver Broncos, Cody Brown, OLB (UConn)
49. Chicago Bears, Duke Robinson, OG (Oklahoma)
50. Cleveland Browns (from Tampa Bay), Eric Wood, C, Louisville
51. Dallas Cowboys, Patrick Chung, S (Oregon)
52. New York Jets, Donald Brown, RB (UConn)
53. Philadelphia Eagles, Jared Cook, TE (South Carolina)
54. Minnesota Vikings, Phil Leadholt, OT (Oklahoma)
55. Atlanta Falcons, Shawn Nelson, TE (Southern Miss)
56. Miami Dolphins, Sean Smith, CB (Utah)
57. Baltimore Ravens, Victor Harris, CB (VA Tech)
58. New England Patriots, Louis Delmas, S (Western Michigan)
59. Carolina Panthers, Alphonso Smith, CB (Wake Forest)
60. New York Giants, Shonn Green, RB (Iowa)
61. Baltimore Colts, LeSean McCoy, RB (Pitt)
62. Tennessee Titans, Derrick Williams, WR (Penn State)
63. Arizona Cardinals
64. Pittsburgh Steelers

I don’t know who the Cardinals are going to take, but I know who I don’t want them to take.  I have my eyes on a certain player, and I am really excited about the opportunity to draft him.  Just like my first selection, I know that Steelers fans are going to disagree with this pick.  But trust me, it’s a GREAT pick.

If you have suggestions about who you think I should take, please drop me a line and let me know who you would pick.  Then stop by tomorrow to see if our selections match.

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2 Comments to “Steelers are on deck”

  1. Donald,,

    With the 63rd pick in the 2009 NFL Draft,,the Arizona Cardinals select…..Defensive Lineman, Jarron Gilbert of San Jose State :-)

    There, how does that make you feel ? But hey, don’t worry, he’ll be taken WAY sooner than that. Also, i see you posted this Mock yesterday. but yet you have the USC QB Sanchez dropping all the way to 22 ? C;mon dude, you obviously haven’t been paying attention. He’s such a HOT itam right now that the steelers couldn’t trade up to grab him even if they offered Big Ben, troy Palumala, AND James Harrison together :-)


  2. Ronnie,
    This isn’t my mock draft. This is a bloggers mock draft. Each pick was made by a blogger representing the team in question. I actually disagreed with how the first round played out. That’s why I was left taking Fili Moala in the 1st. But I had to play my cards the way they were dealt.


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